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  • Tour leaders

    Each tour is headed by hand-selected leaders who give you additional insight behind each destination.

  • Sight-seeing

    Behind-the-scenes access to local experiences, plus free time so you can experience your own personal touch

  • Transportation

    Private, deluxe touring. Coaches include air conditioning and spare leg room. You can also join any tour from any part of the world.

  • Superior hotels

    We go to a lot of trouble to select hotels for comfort and proximity to tour highlights.

  • Daily devotionals

    We not only make time for your own personal devotions, but also organize group daily devotions throughout each journey.

  • All inclusive

    Traveling with a group of like-minded people not only creates lifelong friendships, but also helps enhance your faith and spiritual life.


On a Go-Faith tour you get to travel the world with like minded people. You’ll connect with other Christians globally, all the while enjoying gold service travel.